“As we have so recently and publicly discussed, girls and women have “anger issues” in that they are socialized to not demonstrate anger, but instead to sublimate it where it can sometimes then manifest itself as anxiety or depression. Girls are not born less angry and more anxious, they’re rewarded for being less angry and more anxious. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that large groups of stressed out girls and women collectively facing the dissolution of a cohesive social structure might be more disposed to fall prey to mass psychosis. It is arguable that men and boys experience similarly jarring episodes of anger and anxiety-channelling mass psychosis, but we call it male aggression and fund military industrial complexes to deal with it.”

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I revel in my anger issues.

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“Fuck-me feminism … is a school of thought that suggests [women] are empowered by reclaiming and controlling our own sexual objectification, by reclaiming the power of pornography and the sex industry for ourselves, and by flaunting our desire and willingness to have sex. In other words, being a man’s sexual object can’t hurt me if I want to be objectified; pornography and the sex industry can’t degrade me if I enjoy it or if I profit from it; being used for sex can’t devalue me if I’m using him too; being regarded as nothing more than a pussy to fuck can’t dehumanize me if I want him to fuck my pussy.”

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This is why I just can’t get down with Liberal feminism and it’s constantly bending over for anal sexin’ to be sex positive [pun quite fucking intended]….

I absolutely fucking refuse. I should be respected and treated as an equal WITHOUT having to fuck a man, or wanting a man to fuck me, or liking porn…or ANY of that shit.

I shouldn’t have to brainwash myself into wanting to fuck men, liking porn…and then brainwashing myself 2 steps further into thinking any of those things are good and “empowering” for me.

No, no fuck that

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What pisses me off most, is how the liberal feminist sex positive movement almost always tries to silence the voices of rape victims in prostitution (and statistically, most female sex workers are not there by choice) and how anyone whose had a negative experience in the BDSM “non-vanilla” subculture is called “sex-negative” if there dom turns out to (~*~*~*SURPRISINGLY~*~*~) be an actual sadist who gets off on beating and raping them.

These are the #1 reasons I LEFT THE “SEX POSITIVE MOVEMENT.” I won’t reconsider my stance until the sex pozzie libfems start addressing on a LARGE scale the major privilege required to conscientiously choose to be a sex worker (who can leave whenever one so pleases) and also address the massive amounts of misogyny and male privilege of male doms/masters/sadist in the entire BDSM subculture. Male privilege doesn’t suddenly disappear just because something is labelled sexual or erotic (and why the fuck are we still sexualizing male dominance? Like that shit hasn’t been done for how many centuries).

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When I said I’d heard all this shit before, that I’d been there and done all that already — this is what I was talking about. When feminists criticize certain aspects of culture (or culture in general), we are speaking from experience: not only our own, but that of so many other women as well.

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To empower means “to give power, authority, or control to.” What is power worth if the only way you can obtain it is to fulfill the patriarchal mandate of beauty standards and sexual availability? What is this power worth if women remain overwhelmingly valued for their sexuality while men continue to be valued for their intellect and leadership abilities? What is this power worth when women are socialised to adhere to these ideas of femininity as defined by men?

This ridiculous “all choices are sacred” mentality has polluted mainstream feminism so thoroughly that it has no meaning or goals anymore.

Some women choose to stay in abusive relationships. Some women choose to steal stuff. Some women choose to abuse drugs. Some women choose to shame other women. Some women choose to be anti-feminist. Some women choose to profit from the low-paid labour of less privileged women. If some of these aforementioned women feel good about the choices they made, despite what harm they may cause to themselves or others, “empowerment” simply has no place in the conversation.

Let’s say you feel happy and “empowered” by posing naked in a porn mag. Well, good for you. But you don’t live in a little bubble world of your own where your choices have no social consequences and are 100% your own idea. Men who look at those naked pictures of you dildo-ing yourself don’t think, “Wow there’s a powerful woman, taking control of her life!” They think, “Wank material!” Every woman who “chooses” to perform in pornography, prostitution, stripping, etc. is maintaining the status quo (for which I do not fault her; I understand that some women do what they feel they have to do to survive in a patriarchy) by ensuring men that they will continue to have the sexual access to women’s bodies they have felt entitled to since nearly the beginning of time, and in light of that fact, “empowerment” becomes an absolutely meaningless, useless notion because it exists only in your own head. Men still hate you no matter how much you capitulate because patriarchy teaches them that women are subhuman objects for them to use and dispose of as they please. You can’t challenge that kind of poisonous misogyny by reframing something that they themselves believe is filthy and disgusting as “empowering.” If you don’t believe me, go listen to the way men talk about women in porn and prostitution.

Feminism doesn’t exist to make every woman feel good about every mindless thing she does. Its purpose is to liberate all women from (heterosexual, white) male supremacy. If you refuse to acknowledge that this self-obsessed, narcissistic, individualist mindset does nothing to improve the social reality of women as a class, you are beyond help and it’s embarrassing that you call yourself a feminist.

home-of-amazons in response to this: “As I said in a previous post, choice plays a very major role in feminism. If you want to stay at home and cook and clean while the man of the house gets out and works and that choice makes you happy, then you’re goddamn right it’s empowering. If you want to be a successful, work oriented woman and you get out and put all your effort into doing just that, it’s empowering. If you’re in porn and that’s what you enjoy doing, it’s empowering.

If somebody says that you’re not empowering yourself by doing what you love because you’re serving a man or not somehow breaking the status quo or even taking some jizz to the face on camera, they don’t know what ‘empowerment’ truly means.”.

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Eat all the brownies

  • X: Smoking was basically the last habit I had from my eating disorder, so while I'm happy to kick the habit for many reasons, that awful voice in my head is screaaaaming at me. So I shut it up with a brownie.
  • paleotrees: Eat all the brownies always! Every time a woman (especially an eating disordered woman) eats a dessert, we get closer to revolution. Dessert is a revolutionary act, be shameless.


if you think it’s okay to send threatening messages (many of which, I’ve noticed, are of a sexual nature) to radfems because they’re radfems and supposedly “gross sexless monsters” then you really need to re-evaluate your opinions. 

For real.

I, for one, sometimes don’t shower (some people think that’s gross), and I am also a genuine headless monster with eyes on my fingertips, but I’m definitely not sexless. I’ve had quite a lot of sex.

And even with my strange mutations and occasionally lax hygiene, I’m hardly even as gross as a lotta dudes I know. You can’t smell me coming and I’ve never assaulted anyone: automatically puts me ahead of the pack.

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A Guide to Terminology as used by Western Males of the Species


Prude - a woman who won’t fuck you

Dyke - a woman who won’t fuck you because you have a penis

Slut - a woman who fucks other people and not you

Tease - a woman who won’t fuck you even though she smiled at you

Feminist - a woman who won’t fuck you because she has, like, thoughts and stuff

Ahaha I get to be all of these and it’s glorious. Truly glorious.

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the world is not divided into “fun girls” and “buzzkils”

Like many women, I work in a male-dominated industry. Men already don’t take me seriously just because I’m female. Like many if not most women in this position, if I were to be photographed with my crotch bare or my boobs hanging out, at a party or otherwise, my professional legitimacy (and therefore my potential for a career) would be shot.

That doesn’t make us prudes. That just means we live in a society that sexualizes bodies - especially female bodies, which are also culturally coded as “available for assault” and which happen to be vulnerable to things (like pregnancy) that male bodies are not.

If we did not live in such a society, it would not be such a big deal if we got naked or did not. And therefore, people wouldn’t rush to brag about getting naked (or criticize others for *not* getting naked) on the internet. However, we do live in such a society, and that’s part of why we have feminism. People who fail to grasp these concepts should probably not be given paying jobs to write about either feminism or sexuality.

Some people would say I was immoral, unkind, disturbed, or even deranged, but I think those people should just relax, quit policing other people’s sex lives, and stop thinking so hard. Cutting off balls and junk with a sharp knife or ax makes me feel good, so I’m going to do it, and fuck you for criticizing my choices.

If men have a problem with my castration fetish, they should just learn to be grateful for my desire to touch them at all, accept that I want to help them, and stop complaining.

I’m hardwired this way.

Crushing balls, killing boners, and dampening male spirits is part of my kink! I can’t help it. How dare anyone kinkshame me

Atlas Strawberries: Now that I’m not transitioning, many people don’t believe I was ever queer.


Now that I’m not transitioning, many people don’t believe I was ever trans* or queer — even when I tell them I was or talk openly about my experiences. Either that or they treat me like a former follower who has left the fold and must be brought back. They talk down to me like I’m a child, or…

It is like being part of a religion, or a cult.

I’m still a lesbian, yo. I’m still gender-nonconforming. I just won’t eat the bullshit or suck the dick(s) to please people who openly hate and disrespect me anymore.