Agreed! I find it so odd when grown-ass women, or wannabe women, adopt those sorts of behaviors. It seems like intentional self-infantilization, a way of cutting oneself down so as to appear submissive. No wonder it appeals to gender worshippers.”

- notexactlycosmo via paleotrees

Definitely. All socially-sanctioned femininity seems kind of weirdly performative to me (although I have grown my hair long, I do sometimes wear dresses and/or jewelry, and I do worry about my face/body to certain extents, so I’m by no means “totally butch”) — especially this kind. The wide-eyed, Zooey Deschanel, pouty-child fauxmininity.

I mean, come on, we get that they don’t respect us at all, but I hope they at least respect themselves … right? And, no.

  1. sendforbromina said: this is so spot-on, an example of wanting to eat your cake and have it too. getting credit for labeling themselves feminists, but not the scary MEAN kind that might not submit to men! and i don’t blame them, but it’s irritating, to say the least.
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