Yoga-Whoring, MacMindfulness & the Spiritual Industrial Complex


by Sub-Meditator Marcos 

“Be the change AND use it to kick some arse” - Mahatma Guevara

Wisdom traditions and bodymind practices such as yoga, embodied approaches to leadership and meditation have been co-opted in service of the ruling corporate class. A radical alternative is now needed to what has become a Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC). This article is a battle cry for guerrilla teachers in the awareness industry who no longer wish to prostitute themselves to the 1%. 


The functions of the Spiritual Industrial Complex (SIC)

Warped wisdom traditions and body awareness practices are now serving a number of harmful functions. This may be hard reading if like me you’ve dedicated much of your life to this field, please stick with it, the second half of the article is about how we can become spiritual warriors in a meaningful way. In brief, the SIC can and often does:

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Today I misread “hummus” as “humans.”

A few weeks ago, the L.A. psychedelic ensemble VUM followed me on this godforsaken vortex of a website. I was, and remain, extremely honored.

Here is one of my favorite songs from them.

Rethinking my posts from yesterday: I suppose even if music journalists looking for a weird semi-recluse hadn’t found me, the Felice Brothers’ fan club would have, owing to that year or so I spent tagging along on their tour and hanging out with David Tubbs almost every other night. So I probably owe them — the F.Bros and their fans — for all of this too.

For the record, I miss Tubbs sometimes. Maybe not as part of the band, but in general. We still keep in touch, except we’re both kind of hermits — and I often *do* pass messages along to him, which he always appreciates, so bring ‘em on if you’ve got ‘em.




If you are an adult on the receiving end of sexual attention from a minor, the only appropriate response is a firm, non-negotiable “no.” Not an “I would, but the darn law…” not, “maybe when you’re eighteen,” a “no.” It is your job as…

Just posting this here because I love it so.

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My, Gift Horse, what long teeth you have

Meanwhile, I am not famous for blogging about a band like, say, Purity Ring. But it would be cool. There are many reasons why. For one thing, I saw so many of their shows in the early days that Megan James wore my perfume once and I nearly sold her a pair of my boots. 

I’m working on it.